Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Friend!

My new friend "Jax" had a sleepover at my house last night.  He is very excited about the cats in my family (Mojo and Annie).   I tried to tell him they aren't all that much fun (chase -wise), but I guess we have to wait till novelty wears off.    Anyway, we are hosting Jax for a couple more days while his parents are away.  Here are some pics of us playing :)  He's pretty handsome also - with piercing blue eyes!   My dad thinks he's a person wearing a dog suit.  That's just silly!

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Jax's Mom said...

The Snoopster and Jaxy looked like they had a blast at the sleep over! Thank you again so so much for wathing our baby. I totally forgot about the cats, the poor things :o( We totally have to set up a play date. Jax is always trying to get me out of bed so he can go and play. I'm sleeping in as much as I can while I can!!! Love your blog for Snoopy :o)