Friday, July 11, 2008

Another "dog's" day in Paradise

Well, my mom FINALLY returned from the states and we have "officially" moved to a new place just down the road.  Since this was not explained very well to me (plus I have a hard time concentrating, what with my increased seratonin levels and all),  I kept running back to the old house to find mom and usually have overnights with my girlfriend Bliss (the hottie) and her mom, Jessica.   BTW - my mom says to say "thank you" for taking such good care of me.  

My dad got this shot when Bliss and I were being bad (the new sofa is off limits).  Since my Mom was not able to bring my favorite bean bag bed (it couldn't fit into my kennel) she promised to make me a new one with her new sewing machine.  Just any color but pink please!

We have a great big deck and I can keep serious guard patrols on the area.  Bliss and I are still fine tuning our daily routine, but we are still close so we can visit together all the time :)   

On another note, my Daddy killed a scorpion last night as it slowly creeped out of the bedroom. My instincts told me right away that this creature was NOT any fun to chase, so I stayed clear. My mom says that we have to double check out shoes from now own (scary!).   Stay tuned for more on this... 


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